What is the Client Portal?

Your client's exercise programme, viewable online

By default your programme will be sent to your client as a PDF attachment. You also have the option of making the programme available to your client online by including a Web-Link with the e-mail. When your client clicks the web-link in their e-mail their rehab programme will be opened in a webpage. Their Client Portal will display their full programme online.

Also displayed in the Client Portal will be your logo, a link to your website (if you have saved your website URL in the PROFILE section) and a contact link for correspondence with you. To include a web-link with your e-mailed programme, follow these steps:

Anatomy of The Client Portal

When a client clicks the web-link, sent to them via The Rehab Lab, this will open the 'Client Portal'. The Client Portal is an online version of their rehabilitation programme; including all the exercises sent to them by their health professional.

Below is a view of how the Client Portal will appear to your client. Please read below for an explanation of each of the numbered points displayed in the picture:

The Rehab Lab exercise search screen

1. Your logo: Your logo is displayed on the page (size and position is dependent on the screen size and device being used to view the programme). If you have not uploaded your logo to your profile, The Rehab Lab's logo will be displayed. To learn how to upload your own logo to your profile, click here.

2. Link to your website: Clicking this button will direct your client to your website (or the website of your choice) which can be saved to your profile settings. Click here to see how to save your website URL in the PROFILE section.

3. 'Contact Us' button: When your client clicks the 'Contact Us' button, their computer/device will automatically open a new e-mail message in their default e-mail application. The e-mail will be addressed to the e-mail address saved to your profile. Click here to see how to save your nominated e-mail address in the PROFILE section.

4. Print programme button: Your client can print their programme directly from the Client Portal page by clicking the 'Print Exercises' button. This will open their computer/device's print menu. Programmes printed from the Client Portal are displayed with your logo, programme headings and all exercises and information sheets that comprise the programme.

5. The programme headings: At the top of the page above the exercises are the programme title and the first and second subtitles.

6. The exercises: Beneath the programme headings are client's prescribed exercises, listed vertically. Each exercise image is displayed accompanied by the exercise title, description, sets & repititions and frequency to be performed.

7. 'Zoom Image' button: Clicking the 'Zoom Image' button will display the exercise image, enlarged to the maximum size possible (dictated by the browser window or device size).

8. Date Stamp: The Date-stamp displays the date the programme was sent to your client. Each programme has a 6-month lifespan from the date it was prescribed (the expiration date of the programme is visible if the client hovers over this date). After this 6-month timeframe has elapsed, the programme will no longer be able to be viewed online and a new web-link will need to be sent.

Click here to view our How-To-Guide on how to include a web-link to the 'Client Portal' when sending your next programme to a client.

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