Deleting A Custom Exercise

How to delete a custom exercise

The Rehab Lab allows you to create, edit and delete your own exercises. To delete an exercise that you have created, follow these simple steps:

1. Log into The Rehab Lab

When you log into The Rehab Lab the first screen you will see is the EXERCISE SEARCH screen.

The Rehab Lab exercise search screen

2. Find the custom exercise you would like to delete

The first line of search options you will see is the SELECT DATABASE check-boxes. THE REHAB LAB database is selected by default (note the check-box contains a green tick). This means that your search results will display only those exercises in The Rehab Lab exercise database that match your search criteria.

To search for only your custom exercises (and exclude The Rehab Lab exercises from your search), un-check THE REHAB LAB database (when deselected, the green tick will disappear from the check-box) and select MY CUSTOM EXERCISES database.

Select database to search

Use the search options to locate and display the custom exercise you would like to delete.

Click here to read a more detailed explanation on how to seach for exercises

3. Delete the exercise

The right side of the exercise tile, displayed in the search results area, contains the three exercise tile action buttons. Click the red DELETE button (the 'x' icon). This will open a confirmation window warning you that deleteing your custom exercise is permanent and cannot be undone. Click the DELETE button at the base of this window.

The custom exercise tile

Your custom exercise has now been permanently deleted from your custom exercise database.

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