Editing An Exercise

How to edit an exercise

You can easily edit exercises you have added to the PROGRAMME CONTENTS column before you e-mail or create your programme as a PDF document.

You can also edit your custom exercises. To learn more about editing your custom exercises, click here.

1. To edit an exercise, first add the exercise to the PROGRAMME CONTENTS column

Use the search options to find the exercise you would like to edit (for detailed instructions on searching for exercises, click here).

Once you have found the exercise you would like to edit, add it to the PROGRAMME CONTENTS column by clicking the ADD EXERCISE TO PROGRAMME button (the plus icon), or on a desktop computer, by simply dragging the exercise into the PROGRAMME CONTENTS COLUMN on the right of the screen.

Programme Contents title

2. Edit the exercise

Now that the exercise has been added to the PROGRAMME CONTENTS COLUMN you can make your desired changes. To edit your exercise, click the blue EDIT ITEM button on the exercise tile in the PROGRAMME CONTENTS COLUMN (this is the blue pencil icon).

Programme Contents title

This will open the edit exercise window, where you can edit the exercise name, description, sets & repetitions and frequency.

Edit Exercise window

Once you have made your changes, click the Save Changes button.

Save your changes

You have now saved the changes to the exercise

Now you may want to add more items (exercises or an information sheet) and edit them to your liking. You may also want to save the changes you have made to a new custom exercise so you can easily retrieve it for future use.

To learn more about creating a custom exercise, click here