Favouriting An Exercise

Everyone has a favourite exercise

The Rehab Lab has an every-increasing database of exercises. Our search features allow you to refine your searches to help you find the exact exercise you need, quickly. Another trick to help you find your favourite, most often prescribed exercises, is to favourite them.

You can quicly find your 'custom' exercises by selecting the 'My Exercises' checkbox from the search features. The 'Favourite' feature is specifically for The Rehab Lab exercises; for the exercises you keep coming back to. With a single click you can add these exercises to your list of favourites. Now, when you search for exercises your favourites will be viewed at the top of the heap; no more wading through hundreds of search results.

No longer a favourite? A single-click is all it takes to remove the exercise from your favourites.

To favourite one of The Rehab Lab's exercises, follow these steps:

1. Find the exercise you would like to favourite

Once logged into The Rehab Lab, search for the exercise you would like to add to your favourites. Once you have found the exericse, it's a simple matter of clicking the light-grey 'heart' icon (beneath the 'preview' icon). This heart will now be displayed in orange, denoting it has been added to your favourites. It's that simple.

Favouriting an exercise

When you next perform a search, this exercise will be displayed at the top of your search results.

To remove this exercise from your favourites, simply click the 'heart' icon again, returning the icon to its original light-grey colour, denoting it has been unselected.

Note: an exercise can also be 'favourited' and 'unfavourited' from the PREVIEW EXERCISE window by clicking the 'heart' icon displayed in the top title bar (to the left of the close '×' icon):

Favouriting an exercise