Searching For Information Sheets

How to search for information sheets

Searching for information on The Rehab Lab is simple. To find an information sheet, first log in to The Rehab Lab and enter your username and password at the login screen. Once you have logged in, The Rehab Lab will load the exercise search screen.

Now, click the INFO SHEETS tab at the top of the screen (between the EXERCISES and PROGRAMMES tabs). This will display the INFO SHEET SEARCH SCREEN.

The Rehab Lab information sheet search screen

1. Select an information sheet database to search

The first line of search options you will see is the SELECT DATABASE check-boxes. THE REHAB LAB database is selected by default (note the check-box contains a green tick). This means that your search results will display only those information sheets in The Rehab Lab info sheet database that match your search criteria.

To also search for information sheets that you have added to your custom database of info sheets, click the MY CUSTOM INFO SHEETS database (when selected, a green tick will appear within the check-box).

If you only want to search information sheets that you have added to your custom info sheet database (and exclude The Rehab Lab info sheets), un-check THE REHAB LAB database (when deselected, the green tick will disappear from the check-box) and select MY CUSTOM INFO SHEETS database.

Select a database to search

2. Enter title

Clicking the SEARCH button now will display all the information sheets in the selected database in the search results table. You can further refine your search by entering an information sheet title into the TITLE SEARCH text field.

note: If your search does not return enough info sheets, try restricting your title search to just one word.

Search by an information sheet title

3. Now you're ready to search

Click the SEARCH button (or simply hit the enter/return key on your keyboard).

Click the search button to display info sheets

The info sheets that match your search criteria will now be displayed in the search results table. The number of search results is displayed above the search results table.

The search results table displays the information sheet title, subtitle, date it was created (this only applies to custom information sheets) and the ACTIONS COLUMN which contains 4-action buttons (delete: for deleting your custom information sheets; quick print: learn more about this here; preview information sheet (or edit for custom info sheets) and the add (+) information sheet button).

Your search results are displayed in the table

4. Add the information sheet to your programme

To add your desired information sheet to your new programme, click the green ADD INFO SHEET TO PROGRAMME button (the green plus icon in the ACTIONS column), or, on a desktop computer, simply drag the table-row into the PROGRAMME CONTENTS COLUMN on the right of the screen.

Action buttons

To preview an information sheet, click the PREVIEW INFO SHEET button (the blue page icon in the ACTIONS column).

Once your information sheet has been added to the PROGRAMME CONTENTS COLUMN on the right of the screen you can now edit the info sheet to your liking. Click here to learn how to make changes to an information sheet

Add info sheet to your programme

Now you're ready to create a new rehab handout

Now you can begin creating a new rehabilitation handout. To read other related how-to-guides, select an option from the RELATED GUIDES menu at the right-hand side of the screen.