Renewing Your Subscription

How to renew your subscription to The Rehab Lab

Renewing your subscription to The Rehab Lab is simple. When you renew your subscription, you have the option of adding or subtracting users from your profile and changing the duration of your subscription period.

When your subscription is nearing expiration, you will be notified by a pop-up window that will appear after you log into your profile. This pop-up window will give you the option of renewing your subscription at that time or at a later date that suits you.

subscription expiring warning

If your subscription has expired, you will see a slightly different pop-up window that will inform you that you need to renew your subscription in order to continue using your profile.

subscription expiration warning

You can renew your subscription at any time by logging into your profile and following these steps:

1. Open the profile section

From the main navigation buttons, located on the left side of the screen, click the PROFILE button, this will display the PROFILE section which contains all your user details. In left column are your user details.

The right column displays your subscription information which includes the date you subscribed to The Rehab Lab, the duration of your subscription, the date your subscription is due to expire and the number of users assigned to your profile (this is the number of simultaneous log-ins your account allows).

The Rehab Lab profile section

2. Renew your subscription

To renew your subscription, click the orange RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW button, located at the bottom of the right-hand column.

the Renew Your Subscription Now button

This will open The Rehab Lab's subscription renewal page with all your profile details pre-loaded into the appropriate text fields.

The Rehab Lab Subscription Renewal page

At the top of the subscription renewal page, your subscription duration is pre-set to the duration you selected at your initial subscription (or previous subscription renewal). You can alter this by clicking a different subscription duration button. Your choices are: Annually (1-year subscription period); Semi-annually (6-month subscription period); Quarterly (3-month subscription period).

select the duration of your subscription renewal

Below the subscription duration selection buttons is the 'USER-SLIDER'. This 'USER-SLIDER' will be automatically set to the current number of users allocated to your profile. To change the number of users (you may add or subtract users) simply click-and-drag the 'USER-SLIDER' to the left or right until the desired number of users is displayed.

select your number of users

Your subscription renewal price will be displayed above the 'USER-SLIDER'. Your subscription renewal price is based on the price of your subscription at the time you initially subscribed to The Rehab Lab. So, regardless of whether the price for a subscription to The Rehab Lab has changed since you initially purchased your subscription, you can rest assured that your subscription renewal price will not increase (unless you add more users to your subscription plan).

If you would like to have more than 10-users, you will be prompted to contact The Rehab Lab for a special quote.

3. Update your profile details

Below the 'USER-SLIDER' your profile details are automatically loaded into the appropriate text fields. The details displayed are: your full name; your e-mail address; your username (note: this cannot be changed); your current language/spelling selection; your timezone; your contact details. Check over your details and ensure they are up to date. If any of these have changed, please update them accordingly.

The Rehab Lab Subscription Renewal page

Below your contact details is The Rehab Lab terms and conditions check-box.

The Rehab Lab terms and conditions

Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with these and then click the check-box so a blue 'tick' appears in the box.

The Rehab Lab terms and conditions

4. Proceed to payment

Once you have selected your subscription renewal duration, user number and updated all your details, click the ADD TO CART button. This will open The Rehab Lab's secure payment facility. The Rehab Lab accepts Visa and MasterCard payments.

Add To Cart button

If you require an alternative form of payment for you subscription renewal, please contact The Rehab Lab at the following e-mail address:

After your payment has been processed

Once your payment has been processed, your user-number, subscription duration and subscription expiration date will be updated in your profile (click here to read more about how to view these details).

A note on your new subscription period:

* If you renew your subscription before your subscription period has expired, your new subscription duration will be added to the end of your current expiration date.

* If you renew your subscription after your subscription period has expired, your new subscription duration will begin from the time your payment is processed.

note: You will receive your receipt via e-mail shortly after renewing your subscription.