Introducing The Rehab Lab : Version 3
Our Most Comprehensive Update since 2007 ⋅ Launching Soon
The Rehab Lab's new-look interface: While we have completely revamped the software for version 3.0.1, to ensure the transtition to the new version is as smooth as possible for our current users, we have been careful to keep the overall layout of the software as similar as possible to the current version (v2.0) .

The Rehab Lab Version 3.0.1 includes many new features that will make creating a customised rehab handout for your clients even faster and easier than ever before.

This new version has been created using a completely different software architecture to the current version allowing our users to now access The Rehab Lab on tablet devices.

We will notify all our current users of upcoming dates, timeframes and access-implications resulting from the switch-over to the new version. In the meantime, you can see a list of the new features available in version 3 below, or for more in-depth information about version 3, click here.

The Rehab Lab Version History
Comparison Chart

Edit exercises check check check
Create programmes (as PDF) check check check
Edit programmes check check check
Upload your logo for displaying on programmes check check check
Add an exercise diary to programmes check check check
Create / save custom exercises check check check
Create / save custom information sheets check check check
Create / save custom programmes check check check
E-mail programmes (as pdf attachments) close check check
Access The Rehab Lab on iPad & tablets (new) close close check
Upload new custom exercises with your own images (new) close close check
Upload new information sheets with your own images (new) close close check
Re-order exercises in a custom programme (new) close close check
Quick-add titles to programmes (new) close close check
Quick-add current date to programme headings (new) close close check
Create a client database (new) close close check
Assign custom programmes to client (new) close close check
Review clients assigned programmes (new) close close check
Save default programme headings (new) close close check
Automatically add date to programme headings (new) close close check
Save default e-mail titles (new) close close check
Save default e-mail messages (new) close close check
Save default programme layouts (new) close close check
Review subscription details within The Rehab Lab (new) close close check
Automatic profile log-out after desired idle-time (new) close close check
Quick-print programmes (new) close close check
Quick-print information sheets (new) close close check
Enhanced Data Security (EV SSL Certificate) (new) close close check

The Rehab Lab Version 3.0.1

The Rehab Lab recognises that practitioners are increasingly becoming reliant on tablets during client treatment and the day-to-day running of their businesses.

Version 2.0 runs on an internet plug-in (Adobe Flash Player) that is not compatible on iOS for iPad and some Android tablets. It was therefore deemed a necessary step to completely redesign The Rehab Lab software to ensure compatibilty on these tablets.

In order to secure a smooth transition to version 3.0.1 for our users, The Rehab Lab has ensured the user interface closely resembles version 2.0, thus minimising the need for our current users to learn a new software interface. While the interface will be highly recognisable to our current users and easy to transition onto, version 3.0.1 will be introducing our users to many powerful new features.

Below, we have a brief description about some of the new features included
in version 3:

Access The Rehab Lab on iPad
Version 3.0.1 of The Rehab Lab is now accessible on iPads and other major tablets. You can also use the iPad/tablet's camera to upload your own exercise photographs.

Upload Your Own Images
One of the most exciting new features is the ability to upload your own exercise and information sheet images. This means you can start developing your custom database with your own specific exercises that you, as yet, may not have been able to find in The Rehab Lab's database of over 1,800 exercises.

Default Headings
A great time-saver is the new 'Defaults' screen located in the 'Profile' section. This section allows you to save programme headings and subtitles so they are automatically loaded into their respective text-areas when you are creating your handout as a PDF or sending them as e-mails. No longer will you need to manually type out commonly repeated headings.

Default Programme Layout
The Default Section allows you to save your desired programme layout. This includes the number of exercises displayed per page, heading layout, date format and default filename for PDF attachments when sending programmes via e-mail.

Default Email Subject and Message
Also within this section you can save a default generic e-mail subject line and message that will auto-load into the E-mail Programme window.

Alternate Headings
The Defaults section also allows you to save 4 'alternate' titles and subtitles. When you reach the screen where you are asked to enter a title and subtitles for your programmes (the Create Programme (PDF) and E-mail Programme windows), you can enter one of your alternate headings by simply clicking its corresponding button next to the text-area.

Automatically Add Date To Programmes
You can now add the current date to your programmes with the click of a button. You can also choose to have the current date appear on your programme headings automatically through your Default settings in the Profile section. You can also format the date to your preference.

Fully Editable Custom Programmes
Version 3 provides you with complete control over your custom programmes. You can now fully edit your custom programmes: reorder the items in a current custom programme; remove items from a custom programme; add new exercises and information sheets to your custom programmes.

Client Database
You can now create your own database of clients. Create a list of clients (by first name, surname and e-mail address) so you can easily e-mail your programmes to your clients from The Rehab Lab by selecting their name from a drop-down menu. Once you have selected them, their pre-saved e-mail address automatically populates the 'To:' e-mail address text-area (a great way to get around the issue of mis-typing a client's e-mail address).

Review Client Programmes
The addition of the Client Section means you can now assign a custom programme to a client when you save one to your custom programme database. You will then be able to view all programmes currently assigned to that client (and the date they were assigned) from the Clients Section

Quick Print Programmes & Info Sheets
The search results tables in the Programme and Information Sheet search screens allow you to create the programme or information sheet as a PDF simply by clicking the 'quick-print' button (a print icon). Coupled with the ability to save default titles and programme layouts, this means when you're pressed for time, you can now create your programmes (with your desired headings and layout) in a matter of seconds from logging into your profile.

Enhanced Data Security

The latest version of The Rehab Lab has added further data security to our already robust procedures. Version 3.0.1 includes an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, adding a robust 2048-bit encryption of your data. This means all data transferred between you and The Rehab Lab is fully encrypted and impossible for any unwanted third-party from intercepting and reading.

We are sure you will love these new features,
The Rehab Lab.